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Flange joints require proper tightening to avoid the leak of the fluid from the joint. Bolt tightening sequence or torque sequence is defined in the torque tightening procedure. Most company has their Flange bolt torque tightening procedure that used during construction and operation of the plant. Flange joints are torque tight with the help of a torque wrench Manual or hydronic wrench.

To achieve the benefits of the pre-loading, the clamping force in the screw must be higher than the joint separation load. When the bolt loading requires a torque higher than Nm ft-lbs.

Image source- Fluid Power Technology. The torque value is dependent on the friction between the threads of stud bolt and nut head, this friction can be affected by the application of a lubricant or any plating e. Cadmium or Zinc applied to the stud threads. If a bolt is torqued rather than the nut then the torque value should be increased to compensate for the additional friction — bolt should only be torqued if they are fitted in clearance holes.

The bolts shall be tightened by torque control, using the Anti-seize lubricant shall be used such as Molykote or equivalent, before installation.

Flange Bolt Tightening

The specified method of bolt tightening is equally applicable to coated, galvanized and ungalvanized bolts. Flange stud Torque Sequence is extremely important to achieve the proper tightening of the flange joint. In this detailed article, I have tried to simplify this Torque Sequence so that you achieve the desired result without damaging the flange and studs. Visually examine the flange alignment to ensure that an acceptable fit has been obtained. While aligning flanges, make sure that there are no residual stresses in the joint.

The use of heat correction for the alignment of flanges is not good practice and should be strictly prohibited. Once all pre-checks are completed. You can go ahead with tightening the stud in the pre-define torque sequence mentioned here. For easy handling, bolt numbering shall be done clockwise around the flange with the following sequence. Thank You for subscribing to Hardhat Engineer. Your Ebook will Open in New Tab.

Image source- Fluid Power Technology The torque value is dependent on the friction between the threads of stud bolt and nut head, this friction can be affected by the application of a lubricant or any plating e.

Pre-checks for Bolt Tightening Flange Condition Check conditions of flange faces for scratches, dirt, and scale. Check for corrosion pitting and tool marks.

asme flange bolt torque

Inspect the gasket seating surfaces. Check the areas on the flange where the nuts will seat, it should be flat and free from pitting and excessive wear. Add HardHat Engineer to your Device! Add Now.Bolt lubrication greatly affects the torque values used when installing gaskets. To achieve the same gasket compression, a much higher torque value is required for a dry bolt versus using a lubricant.

In a dry bolt up, or where an inefficient lubricant is used such as light oil, the effort used in tightening is overcome by the frictional forces between the bolts and nuts and to a greater extent between the nuts and nut facings.

This can result in a lower gasket load and inadequate stress on the bolts, which can result in torque loss and eventual leakage in service.

asme flange bolt torque

B7 studs with 2H heavy hex nuts and hardened steel washers are used and studs, nuts, and nut facings are lubricated with a never-seize paste using the installation and bolt tightening practices outlined above.

This makes flat face flanges very difficult to seal unless using a gasket with low compression characteristics such a a rubber gasket. The user should be aware that there most likely is insufficient bolt area to adequately seal flat face flanges.

Torque Values are in ft. Lubricant should not be applied to the gasket or flange faces as a release agent. Hardened steel washers are also recommended to reduce friction. Skip to content.Don't want to download the app? Scroll down for full size charts. All values other than suggested torque amount are sourced directly from flange bolt charts and flange torque charts in the ASME B Looking up flange bolt sizes and torque patterns with Flange Bolt is far faster and less error prone than searching through PDF charts and tables.

The sole purpose of the tool is to make it as simple as possible for a pipefitters, steamfitters, and others working in piping to look up flange bolt size and torque pattern information.

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Is there a feature you'd like from Flange Bolt that you don't see? Request it through the app and we'll do our best to add it to the development schedule. Full offline capability: No internet connection necessary to use.

All data is stored locally on your phone. The app requires minimum storage space overall. Instant flange bolt sizes and torque patterns: Just enter the flange size, class, and type and the app instantly populates the correct values from the flange bolt size chart and the flange torque sequence chart, along with wrench size. Flange torque sequence image: Each lookup shows the correct flange torque sequence image in picture form, with the studs numbered.

Customary units with diameter of bolts and flange bolt holes expressed in inch units. Customary units. Flange Bolt Chart Lookup flange bolt lengths, wrench sizes, and torque sequences right on your phone. In seconds. About the App Look up flange bolt sizes and torque patterns in three taps with Flange Bolt. Just enter the flange size, type, and class, and the tool instantly shows the ASME values for: 1. Number of studs 2. Diameter of studs 3.

asme flange bolt torque

Length of studs 4. Torque pattern 5. Suggested torque amount All values other than suggested torque amount are sourced directly from flange bolt charts and flange torque charts in the ASME B Features of the app: 1. The app requires minimum storage space overall 2.

That includes: - 4 bolt flange pattern - 8 bolt flange pattern - 12 bolt flange pattern - 16 bolt flange pattern - 20 bolt flange pattern - 14 bolt flange pattern.The torque tables are built on specific assumptions regarding bolt and nut factor.

Before using a given torque table, these assumptions should be verified to insure they are appropriate for the specific application. Even if all assumptions are appropriate, results may vary depending on actual conditions. Many factors induce scatter in the results or increase the inherent variability in the bolting process.

These include variations in the nut factor; bolt, flange and nut condition; equipment calibration and condition; perpendicularity of the bolt, nut and flange; etc. The nut factor is not the coefficient of friction. It is an experimentally derived constant that includes the impact of friction. The values in the tables are based on the equation:.

Bolting Assembly Torque Values

These are SS material. The yield strength for strain-hardened bolts varies with diameter. ASME B A L7 Stud Bolts.

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Torque Values

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You may find it very interesting. Paul Ostand www. The purpose of flange torque is to compress your gasket within the limits of the bolts and flange. The last time I needed torque requirements, I contacted the gasket mfg. You need to hook up with a supplier that has the technical competency to help you with these analyses.

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Students Click Here. Related Projects. Is there an industry standard that people go by or is there a chart that I can look up these values in? Thanks, Sam. Is there also a publication for raised face flanges or does this publication also apply to it? NozzleTwister Houston, Texas. Be very careful with "recommended" torque values, as there is no one torque value for an ASME flange that takes all factors into consideration.

Flange Bolt Torque Sequence and Torque Table – A Complete Bolt Tightening Procedure

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asme flange bolt torque

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